December 5, 2007

Review Number Two



Normal day. Nothing special. Just a bit hazy for sleeping late. Like 3:30 AM late. Or early. I don't know if that's late (past the usual bedtime) or early since it's morning already.

Clouds are at its usual rain-carrying state, which is dark and fluffy, and hovering fast above building roof tops.

Sleep[2] - My body has gotten used to less sleep. The feeling of having sleep way below the 8-hour quota is becoming normal. 3:30AM sleeping time is not advisable (or even acceptable) for a 6AM waking time. That's not even permitted for a day job.

Morning Preparation [8] - Woke up at 6AM, stretched a bit and went straight to the bathroom to take a bath. Took the towel, went straight to the bathroom. Gargled cold water and washed my face. Washed my underpants and took a bath as hastily as I can. Time is of the essense so I have to move faster than the usual bathing time. I've got new brieves now, I have to wash them myself every time I take a bath, which takes up about 2-3 minutes of bath time. Water's fine, not too cold.

Travel[8] - It's slamma-jamma fast. Since my sister's bunso was sick this morning, only I and the two other kids got to prepare for school and office. I left the house at about 6AM instead of 6:30AM (which is because only the three of us prepped for the morning instead of the everyday 5) and reached makati at 7:23 AM, Ayala MRT Station. I normally reach the office at around 8:40AM but this time, I'm early, arriving at 7:49AM. Took a 30-minute walk from the MRT station to the office. I need a walk, and it feels quite good to feel that sweat pop out your skin once in a while.

Work[5] - still at the same stagnant spot. I was suppose to review for the upcoming evaluation exam but I AM TOO MUCH OF A FUCKING PROCRASTINATOR to get this study thing over with. There's so much to learn, and so little time, and the worse is I've got so less enthusiasm for this job. I've got my mind set in to seeking some other job, and thinking of what my life would be if I am to be in that job.

But it's already reached this spot. Might as well bite the chance. I might get lucky, although luck has not been into my working life this past month.

Life[2] - as far as woman-relation is concerned, it effing sucks. "She" blogged something about us (or at least I think it's about us), and It's not anywhere near OK (considering the title of the post NOT OK, sheesh). She's been opting to get away from my life for the past months and it just didn't happen right away. But now I think the salop is already full. This time it's final. After that final talk, no more of anything came from her. No calls. No text messages. No nothing. And me, being such a loser, has got no intention of actually speaking to her about us.

Just the usual routine of text message which contains :

"Goodmorning ingat ka pauwi! Godbless! Take care!"

I don't know how this is gonna be for the coming months. But as I view it. it's gonna be so much of a dipshit. This life is a sucky-sucky life.

Neighbor's Life[4] - that neighbor of us is still upto no good. Well that is of course based upon my mom's observation. She suspects that our neighbor is into drug addiction. Comes up late every night, with this henchman of his. Our neighbor's life is a mystery.

Other Neighbor's Life[10] - congratulations to our neihbor for being a newly-married man. I hope they receive good blessing and maintain their sweet whatevers with one another. Kudos to them.

Baon for today[9] - too much rice is my only problem with my baon. My sister put in too much. I'm on a reduced-rice diet. The rice occupied half of my big lunch box. 2-piece Tilapia is actually good for lunch. With a bun sandwich of unknown filling *checks* Hotdog and Mayonnaise! Nice!

5 Winners:

XienahGirL said...

your one sad fucktard.


Mariano said...

You Xienah, stfu, haha.

Sad talaga. Like not the normal side. It's like nostalgic.

I can't be happy always. Dapat may balanse.

ferbert said...

gusto ko sanan magcommen kaso kamag-anak ka pala ni inday... Wala man lang akong naintindihan.. Dumugo pa ilong ko...

mariano said...

Di ko nga rin alam kung sinong nagsulat niyan eh.

Pumikit lang ako saglit, pagmulat ko tapos na ang entry.

Sinasapian ako ng espiritu ni inday, haha.

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