December 7, 2007

Prank You

That event shall forever haunt my chatting life. It also taught me a lesson in a very regrettable manner, which had my conscience in a taunting mode for hours. I would have to remind myself, to remind myself not to do it again.

This post shall serve two purposes.

1. An apology to the goddess of the Blogosphere.
2. An assurance that I shall be held responsible for any recurring effect of what this prank has brought upon the goddess.

First of all, it was nothing much more than a prank gone wrong. It was never intended and that I really didn't know anything about the goddess having dyspnea.

Dyspnea is a body condition that results to heavy and difficult breathing which may be from an extreme emotional state or some other physical cause.

It was just a normal conversation over the YM when I decided to interview the goddess about her past.

Soon the conversation was reaching a very heightened level of emotional "downfall". She was pouring her heart out with every statement that she was telling me. I of course, being an emotional being could just read in awe of how disappointing the story is turning out.

Few more questions here, some answers there and I was just caught in an emotional current having known some of her life stories. I was saddened, but as she said it, people asking questions of this kind, shall bear no empathy, whatsoever from what they have learned.

Being the usual joker and gago that I really am, I intended to shift the current atmosphere of the converstation from down right gloomy to something that is candid and somewhat a practical joke.

After the narration of her story, I told her that our conversation was being broadcasted all over the office and that several of my officemates were watching the flow of the talk from behind my back and peeping in my monitor.

I placed several fake messages from my officemates in the flow of the conversation.

She was somehow shocked about what I have done. I on the other hand was waiting for a hilarious or a memorable response from her. To make things a bit more exciting, I used my other account to add her up in the YM and started chatting to her as one of my officemates, who also read the conversation.

Although she originally knew that it was only me playing the role of my officemate, I managed to make a good excuse for her to believe that it was not me playing the role of my officemate.

She said she can't believe what she was seeing and that she's just staring at the message my "officemate" sent her.

A little bit more of a role play and I knew she believed that it was another person talking to her, admiring her for that viscious story she told me.

And so after a while of pretending I told her that my officemate and me was in a single body. I told her that I would never share that story to any one.

And so it was initially okay, I thought that it was okay since she was laughing.

And then there it was. A headache came to her and a message that read:

"di ako makahinga"

I felt really weird that time since I thought that was she was joking too, trying to get back to me.

But then it was all serious. Dyspnea kicked in. She was having a lot of trouble breathing. And then she told me that she was pounding her chest for an effort to ease the breathing. She was shaking. Her hands were shaking.

I was semi-shocked at that moment. I was half a believer and half a skeptic since I really don't know if she was joking.

A moment passed and still no confirmation that she was retaliating for what I've done.

"Inom ka munang tubig."

"Oo, nakainom na ako."


I was trying to joke it off for a moment.

"nangingig ang katawan ko"
"gagu ka"
"papatayin mo ako"

All the shame and shock in the world at that moment poured right into me.

There is a feeling of distraught within me, a feeling of shame, and a bunch of unnecessary emotions.

Questions of what ifs started to flock my mind.

What if she fainted? She was the only one in her house. There could be of no way that she is to be rescued if ever she fainted.

And what if she died at that moment? What if that did happen.

Christ no. I can't bear the guilt.

The feeling of wanting to do something is there. But the means to do it is no where near me. How could I do something? What can I do?

Moments later, she settled down a bit, did some breathinge exercises. I told her to drink water to which I didn't really thought of making her condition worse since water could seep directly into her lungs at that moment.

I honestly didn't know about her condition. It was a stupid prank. I miscalculated the consequences, and now I know that the human being inside me is bearing all this guilt and thinking of what could've happened if it turned out really bad.

Few more moments and she's getting okay. A little more breathing exercise and then finally she told me that she needs to log out first to take a rest.

I was staring in my monitor, thinking of what could've resulted in that stupid act of mine.

This shall be one of the major things I have to think of. Not all people are okay with pranks, much more the ones you don't really know much about, and of course the ones who's got dyspnea.

It's a good thing that she's okay now.

And me? I'm ready for a good glory of bash comments.

I am sorry for that. Please forgive me.

47 Winners:

Meryl said...

Tsk, tsk. 'Yun lang.

mariano said...

tsk. Haaay. *sob*

abad said...

Si xienah ba yun? tsk tsk.

htp:// said...

ahh,, kaw pala si mariano..

yan ba yung nagkakagulo kayo sa conference tas nwala ako bigla..

tsk tsk tsk

FerBert said...

lagot ka sa lola nyang si Gabriela Silang at sa Demi God Daddy nya.. lol

Anonymous said...

abad - oo, siya na nga yun

kingdaddyrich - ako nga yun sir. at yun nga yung nagkakagulo kayo. tsk tsk tsk talaga

fer bert - talagang lagot ako. aahay.

XienahGirL said...

sinabi ko lang na ok ako
para di ka na magalala
tsk tsk

Mariano said...

Aaack. Yun na nga ba. Sinabi lang na okay para pampakalma. Ahaaay, ano ba yun.

Anonymous said...


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