August 12, 2008

Office Chronicles : Mail to Mail

From: Ms. Exam Coordinator
Sent: Friday, August 01, 2008 8:53 AM
To: Ma'am Front Desk
Subject: RE: SCJP REtake[Scanned]

Hi Ma’am,

For how many participants?

From: Ma'am Frontdesk
Sent: Monday, August 04, 2008 8:38 AM
To: Ma'am Exam Coordinator
Subject: RE: SCJP REtake[Scanned]

1 lang po..for Mariano Juancho, the one who failed last retake..thanks

Ms. Front Desk

HR & Admin. Associate

You really had to emphasize the failure... And your font is purple! It's so eye-catching that it almost pierced my retina!

Ugh, this is agonizingly destructive to my senseless vial of remaining ego.

I can't believe this type of transaction is happening underneath my nose! Without me even smelling it! If you told me about this plan months ago then perhaps my nostrils would not gain so much soot inhaling all the bad air around me after I read the e-mail (prior to this post).

Alas, 'tis my own vestibular error that led me to this ghastly demise. Had I not taken my time and shoved it into my procrastinating crappy asshole, then perhaps I've had more lethal armaments from behind my brain to extirpate this bloody hell of a mess called SCJP.

Fuck this crappy sander-oogly-clusterated-circumflamiazoidic exam Gosling, why did you have to make it so hard?

Fuck this shit, I'll just have to do it. Go for the fucking gold and let baygons be raid.

For soon my sun will shine and light it's very rays upon the smiling faces of plankton among the deep blue see. Granted that this shall forever be blue, thanks to yooohoooooo.

All is well. Kthxbye.

6 Winners:

loudcloud said...


Dear Human Retards Department/Front Desk Wart,

With all due respect, fuck you!

Lovingly yours,

ZsaZsa said...

hahaha! what a bitch.

good luck. :)

RONeiluke, RN said...

i am sorry...but i have to laugh! hahaha! that was really funny!


kaya mo yan!!! TIRA TIRA!!

The Gasoline Dude said...

Mali naman 'yung HR dun. Unnecessary na ilagay pa na ikaw 'yung bumagsak eh tinatanong lang naman kung ilan.

Nosebleed pala ako sa post mo. WTF's the meaning of 'armaments'???


Bhaby anNa said...

anuber, kala ko di ka na muna magsusulat?

you've got a hefty amount of intelligent excrement in your stagnant brain. use it.

you can do it baby ;)

mnel said...

at least di siya naka-glitter text. =D