March 11, 2008

Review Number Three


I missed doing reviews. I have a lot to rate in this miserable life of mine (which I must say has been less miserable over time).

I can't remember what else am I suppose to review. It has really been a long time since I last reviewed some things in my life.

Ah, well let's just move on with the review.

The day started out fine, I woke up at 4AM in the morning and chatted with Miss Tisay and learned that rat poison causes internal bleeding. First the stomach bleeds then everything else follows. Interesting. It's amazing how rats die because of poison. Must be a funny feeling, like butterflies in the stomach. Only that it's a type of a butterfly that eats the inside of your stomach until everything is gone.

Sleep[8] - I slept at around 10:30PM. And as usual, I slept on my buddies again, and again, and again. I'm really living out this tulugero status. Sorry friends, that's how this night life of mine is gonna be for a long time.

Morning Preparation[10] - Perfect. No rushing whatsoever. I set my own pace and I get to be the slow morning person that I really am.

Travel[5] - I was worried at first due to that Transport Strike that the Transport Organization planned yesterday. I may not make it at work. Luckily the ever industrious FX drivers were there to suffice my need to go to work.

It was fine at first since the usual 40-minute traffic spot in my route only took about 3 minutes, but the rest of the route was as slow as my afternoon brain.

I was positioned at the back of the FX where the sun is oh so smiling at me with his warm and energetic sunlight. It's fucking hot, all throughout the trip. I should've never worn that jacket. Fuck being a mapormang jerk.

That Transport strike really did a number on a lot of people. Most of the people I saw were already standing in the middle of the road, trying to catch a ride from the few jeepneys that are passing by, which also caused a lot of traffic.

Work[9] - Awesome. I've been bumming around since January, haha. And yes, I still have a job here at this company. The very same company who I thought was going to fire my ass. The project that we're taking care of is officially finished and is just waiting for deployment.

Life[9] - Awesome. Incredible. I couldn't ask for something else(although there are a few MORE things that I can ask for). As of this moment, it's okay. I can't explain it at times but there are moments that I am happy for unknown reasons. Must be the brand new skinny pants that I've been wearing.

Neighbor's Life [1] - Terrible. We are unofficially accusing them that they stole our Monobloc chair from our rooftop. It can't be denied since the time that their chair appeared is actually the same day that our chair disappeared. Fuck them, especially that drug-addicted son of theirs.

Baon for today [10] - Amazing. Ground pork with the special Momma's touch. Can't ask for more. The usual fruit plus the dreaded fruit juice that got me shitting at Jollibee. Luscious but dreaded.

Online Life[11] - Super amazing. I get to know new people everyday. I can certainly say that I am an online person. It's cool being with these people online. But of course, real-life friends come first as what my real-life friend made me realize. That'll remind me to prioritize things.

Bb. Pilipinas - World Winner[3] - Okay, that should've been a 1 rating but because the laugh she brought the audience was priceless, let's add 2 more. Sheesh, I've destroyed her enought already, I think this review would be the last. She sucks, and I hope she's good at it.

Love Life[5] - An average rating. I'm single and it's okay although it kinda sucks being it. If this is the heaven's curse or cupid's curse then so be it. Let me bask in this heat of singleness for a while and enjoy whatever it is that is keeping me happy.

5 Winners:

Dakilang Tambay said...

hahaha.. ako na lang sasali sa bb.pilipinas version chubb.pilipinas

Anonymous said...

ahahah!! pinakita ko sa lahat ng kilala kong pilipino yung video. omg. iba-blog ko na nga rin siguro...

salamat sa special mention. ahaha! na-plug din yung blog ko astig.

bkit kayo may chairs sa roof at bakit ninakaw ng neighbor nyo?

how was the strike? =P

PoPoY said...

this is the first time na ndi ako tinamad magbasa ng english na entry. hehehe. ndi ako na nosebleed sa madaling salita.hehehe.:)

Oh yeah the skinny pants. Nice choice. 3 months na akong gumagamit ng skinny pants at tinago ko muna ang mga usual straight cut. nice kasi isuot.
at isa pa, hapit na hapit at bakat na bakat...hehehe ang hita ko. :)

nice site mariano :) cge basa pa ko ng ibang entries mo :)

» nhoii said...

pocha.wala na nga ako sa blogroll mo. kung kelan naman ako pabalik. hmp :|

haha. behlat! hehehe. napanuod ko yung Q&A na part nung pageant. Isa lang masasabi ko, nakakahiya yung World. Pano nanalo yun? :|


Mariano said...

Hay Nako Mia, dapat lang talaga. Papasikatin ka namin ni Manager no!

Miss Tisay, mukhang natuwa naman siguro lahat ng pinoy friends mo no? Ahaha, nabasa ko na ang blog. Walang anuman sa special mention, basta ikaw.

Meron kameng mga monobloc chairs dun sa rooftop para sa inuman, ayun ninakaw.

The strike was fine, less traffic, more time at home! Yay!

Boss Popoy, salamat po sa pagbabasa ng blog ko. Mahirap mag-english, pero para sosyalin ang dating, dapat minsan gawin natin yun, ahaha. Skinny pants rock! Ahaha. Pero kulang sa pagkaskinny ang saken. Straight cut lang yun malamang. Bakat na bakat ang mga buhok ng hita ko eh. Salamat sa pagbisita.

Andito ka pa Noime, belat ka. Buti at napanood mo yung Q&A. May natutunan ka ba? Ewan ko kung papaano nanalo. Mahal siya ng judges.