February 25, 2009

Review Number Four

Mariano Juancho is not here anymore. He is there anymore.

This review is brought to you by my many many many dreams and plans in life.


Sleep[10]- I am garnering about an average of the best adult sleep time in the world even though I look like I haven't had a decent sleep in ages. It may be fun to not wake up into any rush hour in the morning, but hell it's hard to sleep at night.

Morning Preparation[5]- Let's just say that there's nothing to prepare because there isn't anything to prepare to.

Work[?]- I can't actually give a decent score here. Am I supposed to be grateful because I don't have one. But of course, it's a necessity that is why I can't quite pertain to what score that's supposed to be. Intiendes? No? Tonto.

Blogging[1] - No doubt about it. My drive as of the moment to relay information and deliver life lessons in detail and in full color has ceased to exist. I have no more adventures and less life observations. I have killed my drive to narrate stories of everyday foul-ups.

Life[5] - Hey, look and watch as I fail in life. But everything around me is great. Only I fail at it.

Friends[10] - My friends, all around my life, in Plurk and everywhere else, they're the best. 'Nuff said.

Neighbor[2] - That neighbor's dog is utterly annoying, and does not possess any kind of indifference from his master. Remember, in times like these, Ajinomoto does not only bring the joys of umami to our food, but it also brings doom to our four-legged canine friend.

And so the blog of life rants ends here. Nothing new, just your old pal, Mariano in his daily quest to conquer and fuck life's endless misery.

9 Winners:

lunes said...

mariano, bakit maikli to?wehehe...

Meryl said...

Mariano [1]

Nuff said.

M said...


Meryl said...

Aba? Nagreply agad? Hahaha.

Mariano [n]

where n is a nonexistent number/value/chorva.

Anonymous said...

mariano, natawa ako sa ajinamoto. kawawa naman yung aso hahaha.


Saminella said...

akala ko nagreply na ako dito hindi pa pala.

Marinao[000000000001 base 2]

lei said...

wow. spoken in dollar ka na.

pero at least pati aso ng kapitbahay nio kasama parin sa chismis.

nakakamis naman dito.

Chloe said...

Sa tingin ko na ay mahusay na ginamit mo ang isang rating ng sistema upang ipakita sa amin iyong buhay. Ang aking stats ay isang bagay tulad na ito: 1 matulog, trabaho na 10 at blogging kinda 7. oh, at mga kaibigan ... tiyak sa isang sampung!

Anonymous said...

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