November 21, 2007

Review Number One



The sun is shining so brightly and glimmering into my skin that the only thing protecting me from skin cancer is this thick, semi-tinted glass of the office window in front of me.

I am such a smart fellow to pick a terminal that faces the sun from morning up until noon. Thank God for the clouds, it lessens the duration of my exposure since it's been a rainy moment this past few weeks.

Beowulf[10] - this is quite good for an animated film. Facial features, expressions, and *ehem* curves have been greatly defined. There are some point in the film where you can't really tell if it's a real actor or an animated one.

Story line is just normal. I didn't actually give the Beowulf story much interest way back in high school since it was never discussed. Several literary works from all other countries were only mentioned.

There was a movie of the same title that features Christopher Lambert as Beowulf. The leading lady was Rhona Mitra, and the Grendel's mom was some sexy lady, probably a porn star. I never understood the story since I was only after the nude scenes.

And here we go again, with Grendel's Ohlala MILF mother. Ah, this is actually the first time I've seen Angelina in a half-nude scene. I was browsing through her other films(Original Sin, Girl Interrupted, etc), but I was to lazy to seek for it.

And now here she is on her perfect digital curves and erected nipples. I would just let my imagination fly,even if it's an animated body. Hell it's perfect!

Baon for today[9] - I have four pandesal's with unknown filling. I am yet to find out what they are. For lunch, I have a bangus' head cooked beef-steak style. Judging from the looks of the bangus steak this morning, I think it's just gonna be a normal lunch experience.

Work Performance[4] - it sucks. I haven't finished the last task. I was suppose to get ready for this performance test and here I am, not letting any of the "work force" overcome me. How the hell can I get through this?

This is just hopeless. I think I'll have a better career as a stand-up comic. Or a professional sarcasm-er. Or a man-whore exclusively for bored teen-aged rich female clients. That would be great.

Life[8] - great as of now. No illness. Manageable complications on the emotional side. Semi-great relationship with parents and siblings. Still okay with my own money. I can contribute to the bills and save my own money for dates and new clothes.

Neighbor's life[3] - still sucks. She still gawks her phlegm out her throat every morning. Still floods the outside of our house with the drained water from their washing machine.

Women skills[2] - dumb. I have no skills of that whatsoever. Can someone get me a number of a friend or something. She's a girl of course. I want to meet someone new aside from my the friend-girls that I already have. I want to meet Angel Locsin or Ehra Madrigal. I want shake their hands and rub it all over my body. That would feel very warm and convenient.

2 Winners:

XienahGirL said...

so at this early stage
you are already
evaluating your life?

i think youll be better
as a stand up comedian
you have future--

thanks for visiting my site
sana mapadpad ka ulit.

Mariano said...

Thanks a lot Xienah! I'll be coming back at your site for more of anything! :D

Thanks for leaving a comment too!