December 7, 2011


It’s not really my friend, since it’s totally disgusting and it’ll definitely be a source of cringe-fest for all the women in the office.

It appears that I have bad blood (which is not related to being a bad-ass), and this is the second boil that I got this year.

If you do not want to get one of these, you better stay healthy. Eat more vegetables and be more hygienic, exercise regularly, and lessen the amount of masturbations you do each day. I think that’s the main source of this boil.

Come to think of it - this may not actually be a boil, but a product of my mismanaged sperm squirt. Could it be that I have suddenly inseminated my own arm?

I do not wish to know if a child suddenly springs out of my hand, thus I am extracting this with the help of Kath’s medicine from Dubai.

Good side: This will produce a nasty scar, which will be a good reason for a tattoo.

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